Breast Recontstruction

Breast reconstruction to restore the female breast following a mastectomy, can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy procedure or months or even years later. There are many options available in post-mastectomy reconstruction.

Dr. Burt Greenberg has performed hundreds of breast reconstructions and has been consulted as a local, expert plastic surgeon in the production of the video, ‘Breast Cancer on Long Island: The Facts, The Fears. and The Future." He has lectured extensively to women's organizations and support groups throughout Long Island on new techniques following mastectomy and on the management of congenital breast abnormalities. The type of procedure used depends on the patient’s anatomy and expectations.

The skin expansion technique combines skin expansion and the use of a silicone gel implant in the submuscular pocket. Most breast reconstructions involve a series of procedures over time. The initial reconstruction is the most complex, but follow-up surgery may be done to modify the new breast, reconstruct the nipple and areola, or adjust the existing breast to match the reconstructed breast.

If sufficient abdominal wall tissue is present "TRAM" flap surgery or microsurgery may be recommended. Flap surgery is more complex than a tissue expansion or implant surgery. Although recovery is longer than implant surgery, TRAM flaps are generally more natural to the touch. In some cases, you may have the added benefit of a tummy-tuck with improved abdominal contour.