- Mommy Make-Over 2019

Dear Dr. Greenberg I cannot thank you enough for your care and compassion during the preparation for my abdominoplasty and breast augmentation and after the surgery. I am truly fortunate to have found a Plastic Surgeon like you. Thank you so much for being so kind, caring and compassionate with me!!! I'm very blessed to have you. You guys are the best! I’ve never had another physician treat me with such kindness. Usually, I am just a number in their assembly line of patients. You shine far above all the rest because I believe you really do care about every single patient that you have!!”

- Rhinoplasty2019

I had been considering getting rhinoplasty for several years and I was afraid to take the plunge because I was scared to put my face in someone else’s hands. During my consultation with Dr. Burt Greenberg he reassured me that he will keep my wants and needs in mind when restructuring my nose. I really wanted a very natural looking nose so that it didn’t look like “cosmetic surgery”. It has now been almost three months post-surgery of my sephto-rhinoplasty and I couldn’t be happier. At my follow up visit I told the doctor that I love my new nose because it looks like my original nose but a much better version. I am very thrilled with the results and I especially love the caring atmosphere not only with Dr. Greenberg but also his amazing staff. I would highly recommend him! So glad I finally got it done. I love love love my new nose!

- Botox 2019

When I came in for a follow up visit after a rhinoplasty surgery Dr. Greenberg did, I decided to give him an opportunity to do Botox on my face since since I had stopped Botox in the past because I was not happy with the results. Since Dr. Greenberg did a great job with my rhinoplasty I decided to give him an opportunity to do the Botox on my face. I have to say I have never seen a more natural result. I am very happy with how it came out and I will never go anywhere else but Dr. Greenberg for Botox injections. He really knows how to improve a face without it looking “fake”. Thank you!

Emily Patysiak

Dr Greenberg you are an amazing surgeon and wanted to thank you for performing my surgery. I am very happy with the results. The amount of care and passion you and your wonderful staff showed me made the entire experience smooth and easy despite my nervousness. I just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me recover from the physical trauma of the car accident, and having a great attitude about my self with the way I look post surgery. In August 2018 only one month after the surgery I participated in Port Washington beauty pageant competition and as a contestant I was crowned miss Polonia 2018. Again, I can't thank you enough.  

- JCO30

My husband and I first consulted with Dr. Burt Greenberg because my friend had surgery with him for breast augmentation and was very happy with his manner, openness, accessibility, price point and cosmetic result. At the very first encounter Dr. Burt Greenberg and his staff were welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Burt Greenberg took over an hour with the consultation, explained the procedure in great detail and presented other similar patients for me to see. He carefully reviewed the post-operative care and explained that I would have 24/7 access for any questions whatsoever. Dr. Burt Greenberg performed the procedure at Northwell Ambulatory center which was a great and safe location for this procedure. I was initially apprehensive about this surgery in the office setting and was felt safe and had peace of mind with his team at Northwell. Following the surgery Dr. Greenberg spoke with my husband and I my followup care was great!! I highly recommend him to my family and friends!

- ShanLT

I recently visited Dr. Burt Greenberg in Great Neck, NY for Botox and Restylane Filler. My friend highly recommended Dr. Greenberg and told me she was very pleased with her own results provided by him over many years. This was my first time having injections and I was understandably apprehensive . Dr. Burt Greenberg was very professional and immediately made me feel comfortable. His staff is fantastic! My results look very natural and symmetrical. I look great now at the six month mark!

- RS14

I had an overall great experience with Dr. Greenberg and his staff. Ranging from his wonderful right hand Debbie, to his anesthesiologist and nurse who made me feel extremely comfortable and calm prior to my procedure. It was my first plastic surgery and I was a bit scared, but they took all my anxieties away. I recently had my procedure done, so the final result cannot be see yet. However, I am extremely happy with what I see now. Dr. Greenberg was easy to reach post op and called to check up on me himself. Every question and concern I had (there were many) was addressed pre and post surgery and it felt comforting being able to call and text him if I felt something was wrong or uncomfortable. I had a rhinoplasty done and then lip injections, I love the results and they were exactly what I wanted, even though initially my lips were extremely swollen and I felt I made a mistake, Dr. Greenberg assured me they would go down and a few days later I realized that the only mistake I made was freaking out. I am extremely satisfied with him and plan on doing breast implants in the near future.

- Emedlis

Dr. Greenberg was extremely comforting and explained everything in detail regarding my procedure and what to expect. He was not pushy at all, I took my time making my decision. He was extremely easy to reach and that made me feel "safe". Knowing that God forbid something went wrong at home after surgery and he would be a phone call away day or night made me feel very comforting. The office was extremely clean with a nice interior and the waiting time was very short. After meeting with him, I felt he was the right doctor for me and I most definitely recommend him to others. He is pleasant, attentive, patient and most importantly caring.

- ThatsJustBri

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Greenburg! I am so impressed with his work. I am 4 days post op and I feel great after my breast augmentation! He had done breast surgery on my mom 14 years ago and after seeing her results, I knew I wanted him to be my plastic surgeon! He assured me that I would receive the results I wanted, while making sure that my breast look natural. After surgery, I couldn’t thank Dr. Greenburg enough for his personable personality, being there to answer all of my questions and giving me confidence!

- PRGina34

My first surgery with Dr Greenberg was in 2004 for breast augmentation. 14 years later I still love my breasts! They look natural and feel great! He did such an amazing job! Then in 2014 I had liposuction in preparation for my wedding. Also great results!! This month my daughter had breast augmentation with Dr Greenberg and she is extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr Greenberg!

- Katlin

Dr. Greenberg performed my breast augmentation. I found him and his staff to be helpful and professional. The office is clean and beautiful. Debbie and the rest of his staff made me feel so much better the day of the surgery. I was so nervous. He really is a very kind man who cares about his patients. Most importantly my breast are beautiful. He's very easy to get a hold of. Gave me his cell and always answers or calls me back.

- Ckell

Dr. Greenberg was highly recommended to us by more than one person when we were looking for a reliable surgeon, and I now understand why. Before surgery, I had lots of questions and was a bit nervous, however, Dr. Greenberg made the process smooth and stress-free for everyone. Post-surgery, he was always more than available and ready to see me for follow up appointments, which really showed his care and involvement with patients. Dr. Greenberg’s work and care for his patients is of the highest quality, and I’d highly recommend him to family and friends.

- Brigid

I recently was in a skiing accident in which I broke my nose in several places and was administered sixteen stitches to close a laceration on my face. As soon as I met Doctor Greenberg, I knew I was in good hands. He is professional, efficient, meticulous, and kind. His excellent bedside manner made me feel calm and safe during the procedure and he contacted me the day after to follow up and see how I was feeling. It is clear that he takes great pride in his work. For my follow up appointment, I was greeted with open arms by his lovely staff in Great Neck and immediately felt welcome. I was extremely concerned about how my accident would impact my appearance but am thrilled to say that Doctor Greenberg's work has many of my peers convinced that I made up the ski accident to get time off of work! I am very lucky to have met Doctor Greenberg and would refer all of my family and friends to him in the future. Thanks Burt!!!

- Karen

Came to him with a dog bite attack to breast..he was caring, compassionate, and cared about my whole being. I felt like I was his relative and not a patient. his assistant, Debbie was just like him...what a team!!

- Happy Mom

Dr. Greenburg was thankfully the plastic surgeon on call at PM Pediatrics when my 2 year old cracked his head open and needed stitches. We returned to Dr. Greenburg for a second round of stitches when a week after having the stitches removed, he cracked his wound open again. Dr. Greenburg was professional, sweet, and very skilled. He put my son at ease. He didn't even cry! A year later, the scar is invisible. My third meeting with Dr. Greenburg was for myself. I didn't hesitate to return to him. I had had 3 babies in 4 years and needed hernias repaired as well as a scar revised and a tummy tuck. Dr. Greenburg did a beautiful job on my stomach! I got an appointment easily and didn't wait around at all. He scheduled my surgery for a school break so I wouldn't have to take sick time off work. I'll be signing up for belly dancing and will definitely post pictures as soon as I am healed. I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg. He is professional, experienced, and a true artist.


Alison & Shannon