General Procedure

The Perma Facial Implant lip augmentation is performed in the office using a dental block to numb the lips, similar to a visit to the dentist. The standard procedure involves making small incisions in the corner of the mouth and creating a tunnel across the lip into which the implant is gently placed. The implant is placed on the lingual, or tongue surface of the lip, so that it is unnoticeable from the pink portion of the lip. The incisions are sutured and ice is immediately applied to reduce swelling. The entire procedure takes approximately thirty minutes.

Recovery Process

Immediately after implantation, ice packs are provided for cold compress to reduce swelling. Generally, the post-treatment instructions call for treatment with ice compresses, restricted movement of the lips and application of arnica gel for bruising and ointment for moisture.

Lip augmentation is a convenient and cost efficient option for patients that have undergone several dermal filler injections like Juvederm or Restylane. With dermal fillers, the swelling occurs following each treatment and a cost is incurred each treatment.

The implants come in a variety of sizes to provide several options that will be sure to meet specific goals. The Perma Facial Implants are considered a permanent solution for fuller lips, but there are removal options.

The implant may be replaced with a different size or removed completely so the lip returns to its original appearance.